Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

The opportunities and efficiencies offered by cloud hosting services are rapidly taking over from more traditional on-premise infrastructure deployments. The flexibility to scale your resources and services up and down to meet demand opens up a world of cost savings and efficiencies, and when combined with the additional services, platforms, and APIs available in a modern cloud hosting environment, this makes for a very compelling argument.

β›… Vertix Infrastructure

At Vertix, we have many years experience working with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and have deployed, migrated and optimised many cloud infrastructure networks. As such, we have a strong understanding of how to build robust and secure networks, making the most of the cost savings available, while tackling the challenges of redundancy, security, and continuity.

πŸ€– Modern Cloud Hosting

These days, the world of cloud hosted infrastructure is much more than just servers inside a network; in fact the world of cloud hosting is moving so quickly, new services are being offered all the time. Databases, platforms, messaging, APIs, and much more are offered as managed services, taking the pain out of setting up, maintaining and securing these components of your infrastructure. However, it is always a balance between leveraging these tools and tying yourself into a single provider.

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Cloud Infrastructure Services

🌐 Cloud Networking

We have gone through the process of building cloud hosted networks many times, and each time we have refined our approach, structure and security, to the point that we are confident that we can roll-out efficient, secure, and well constructed networks to fulfill many different requirements. We build isolated cloud based networks, hybrid environments, cross regional, and geographically redundant networks to meet the varied requirements that different businesses face.

πŸ–₯️ Cloud Desktops

With an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud hosted desktops and thin-client deployments are becoming commonplace, taking the onsite infrastructure to the cloud and opening up endless opportunities for staff to work from home, remotely, while travelling, and abroad, all while retaining strong control over data and ensuring security isn’t compromised.

πŸ’  Automation

One of the most fantastic opportunities that modern cloud hosting opens up is that of automation. To be able to build an entire cloud environment in a repeatable and robust manner from a minimum number of prerequisites enables efficient and cost effective disaster recovery solutions. We have spent considerable effort scripting the deployment of entire networks, servers, services, websites, intrusion detection, antivirus, and access systems. In such a manner, the entire deployment can be built from script within time frames of under an hour.

πŸ”” Monitoring and Alerting

A central theme to the deployment and management of any system we build is the ability to monitor services and alert end users to unexpected behavior or activity. We have built custom monitoring systems which leverage third-party services for the delivery of user alerts as well as leveraged inbuilt cloud monitoring and alerting systems, to ensure that clients are aware of all aspects of their cloud environment.

πŸ“€ Backup and Recovery

Ensuring your data is appropriately backed up and recoverable against mishap or malicious activity is critical to any modern business. Cloud hosting services provide a number of options, from server level backups to automated database recovery. We believe in fully leveraging the power of these services and have built solutions which enable affordable and reliable recovery of data against multiple different scenarios for on-cloud and out-of-cloud access to critical data. Protecting your data, while automating your infrastructure, provides full a level of recoverability that can not be easily matched within on-premise networks.

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