Technology Management

Technology Management

Bridging the gap between technology and management can often be a challenging task. Translating business goals and priorities into technical specification requires knowledge of both the technology process as well as the businesses needs. At Vertix, we work with our clients to help provide that middle ground working with senior management and their technology teams to ensure a well functioning and productive technology department.

We work with businesses who need both ongoing assistance in the form of outsourced technology management, or on a one off/periodic review and recommendation basis, tailoring our services to suit your needs.

We have worked with businesses ranging from newly formed start-ups looking for outsourced CTOs to established businesses looking to audit their resources, optimise their use of technology, or migrate their services to the cloud; long-term engagements or short-term projects.

Whatever the challenges you are facing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help!

Technology Management Services

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό The Outsourced CTO

For new businesses, it may not be necessary to have a full time Chief Technology Officer and for established businesses it may not be easy to find the right person. At Vertix we help fill this gap, offering part time and temporary CTO services to aid clients with their technical direction, the management of their technical team, and advise on security and other technical issues.

πŸ™‹ Technology Recruitment

Hiring quality staff is challenging at the best of times, but when it comes to technology there is the added challenge of vetting technical knowledge and ability. We work with clients to help define technical recruitment strategy and provide a framework within which they can analyse and assess technical ability.

πŸ“„ Technology Review

Sometime the output of a technical team stagnates, appears to diverge from business strategy, or simply fails to meet agreed upon goals. It’s not always easy to see the reasons for such outcomes. At Vertix we work with clients to help identify the causes for delays, put strategies in place to provide management reporting, and help review the processes and communication with, and from, internal and external technical teams.

πŸ” Technical Direction

We all encounter those challenges that are hard to solve, outside of our experience, or where a little help and advise would come in handy. We’re always on hand for our clients, to help provide our experience and an impartial point-of-view when such queries and questions arise in within their technology and infrastructure teams.

Scoping Business Requirements

Specifying the business aims and requirements of a new technology based project is one of the most important tasks to get right and requires buy in from key stakeholders across the business. The following whitepaper discusses our general approach and the expected outputs of such a process:

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